How to Stop Your Gambling


A gambling addiction can be quite destructive. Often, it is a way for people to cope with unpleasant feelings and to find an outlet for their energy. For those who are trying to stop their gambling, there are a number of steps they can take. First, they must make a decision to quit. If they are tempted by gambling, they should resist the urge. Also, they must make sure they don’t have any money to lose. This means getting rid of credit cards, letting someone else handle your money, closing down online betting accounts, and keeping only a small amount of cash with them.

The state of California has an Office of Problem Gambling that helps educate the public about gambling disorders. These offices can also provide treatment for those with this condition. Although these agencies do not have detailed statistics on gambling problems, they estimate that about 3.7% of adults in California will suffer from some form of gambling-related disorder in the year 2020. They also found that problem gambling is more prevalent among men, African Americans, and people who are unemployed or disabled.

Gambling can be costly. Although it involves risking money, the odds are always against you. Because the game is based on chance, you should budget your gambling money and consider it a budgetary expense. Gambling activities include lotteries, roulette, gaming machines, and bingo.